About the Company

The Specialist Horticultural Farm was established in 1991. Initially, the basic production type was the one related to ornamental plants sold to flower shops located within the area of Podlaskie Voivodeship.

In 1994, there was our own shop opened offering flowers we grew. In the next years, we have shifted into balcony flowering plants (pelargonium, surfinias) and production of ornamental trees and bushes which we have developed into a nursery-garden of a target area of 20 ha, where we offer a wide range of coniferous and deciduous plants.

We sell our balcony flowering plants and ornamental trees and bushes in our store located in Białystok at ul. Sokola 28.

We also offer designs and executions of backyard gardens and public space planting, as well as, render consultation and renting services.