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Plant valuation and document preparation
Online nursery plant platform
Transport organization for garden investments

Plant valuation

and document preparation

If you make a small or large investment and are looking for plants and garden products, we are pleased to share our knowledge and experience in its implementation.

  1. We make valuations for projects and tenders based on our own stock level and available offers on the market,
  2. We make valuations and deliveries of the plants. Also we can make planting of already ordered items,
  3. We help to find plants which are difficult to access,
  4. We rent plants for the events and provide their service.


  1. We provide advices for how to use plant substitutes,
  2. We issues all necessary documents and certificates for plants,
  3. We have our own equipment to transport the plants.

We exist on the market of decorative plants since 1991. Since we have many years of experience, we can offer effective knowledge necessary for proper implementation of green investments.

We invite you to cooperate with us and to read the rest of the offer.


Online nursery plant platform

Online Plant Market platform allows the access to plant databases which stock level is constantly updating in Dutch and Polish nurseries. The platform also allows you to check the prices for current available plants, to place orders online and to create offers for your clients.
Online Plant Market is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Most important information about Online Plant Market platform you can find in promotional video (below) and in the other part of the offer.


Using the registration form, please send us your company details, necessary to register at the Online Plant Market.

After verification, you will receive on your email address the access to customer account and other information to use successfully Online Plant Market Platform.

If you are already our customer and have the access to Online Plant Market platform, click on the button below.

How does the order process look like?

  1. After sending your order, you will receive an order confirmation to your email address with possible delivery date.
  2. After receiving confirmation and proforma invoice, you make the payment (for regular customers, payment can be deferred). Any payments are made online – payment is made only after checking stock availability of the plants.
  3. Your order is sent to the producers and completed in a warehouse in the Netherlands or Poland.
  4. After completing, the plants are transported to Bialystok (from where it can be picked up or are transported further away) or directly to the customers, depending to the agreement.
  5. In this simply way you can order plants for both a small garden or a large road investment – without leaving your home or office. The whole process of organizing plants and transportation you can leave to us.

The regulations to use of Online Plant Market require written approval during the registration and are available after sending the company’s data for verification.

We cordially invite you to use this modern platform created for gardening industry.


Fill in the registration form which is beside. The administrator will create an account at Online Plant Market.

On the email address you will receive the access data and the regulations to use of Online Plant Market.

I have an account, what is next?

If you received registration confirmation from us in Online Plant Market, please go to the login page and use received login and password.

In case of any doubts, please contact us by phone or email. Technical support is available on working days between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. and on Saturday between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The contact through the email allows you technical support outside those hours, if possible. The technical assistance is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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We offer:

  • as soon as we are experienced at plants, we are able to use correct way of loading so that the plants come in a good condition,
  • we can transport plants without packages and in containers (in boxes on pallets or on CC trolleys),
  • the car (in case of general cargo) has a lift and a pallet jack that is why we can unload the pallets without using additional equipment (if the ground allows),
  • we can deliver general cargo as well as full truck loading.

We have been professionally delivering plants since 1991. You can also order from us the transport of the plants and gardening products from other manufacturers and suppliers without our intermediation.